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    TruckingSpace is for truck drivers, their families, friends, supporters, and those who want to show their support of an industry that means so much to so many.  If not for the truckers, life as we know it would not be so good. This is a huge site with a large array of applications for both business and personal use.

    TruckingSpace is a family friendly place where your children can come and leave you messages, chat, look around, and post.  We know that life goes on while you are away and that this is one way of staying close even though you are far away.  after all, we do this for our families, but being able to keep in touch this way helps to ease the loneliness and resentment of not being home to be a part of it all.

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    As stated previously, TruckingSpace is free to join and you can begin posting as soon as you join.  We do have a few special places that you will need points to be able to use.  This includes items like placing an advertisement or promoting your business.  Points add up quickly though.  By posting, adding images, videos, and more. You will get points for all that you do on TruckingSpace.  You could also buy points through PayPal if you are in a rush, but we prefer the active participation to earn points.

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    3 days ago
    Slingers-girl added new blog post

    Trucks Are Getting More Dangerous And Drivers Are Falling Asleep At The Wheel. Thank Congress.  This is an article that I read through the Huffington Post.  You can read it also to see just how much they seem to hate the truck driver and the trucking industry as a whole.  The article can be found at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/congress-made-trucking-deadlier_us_56fd6f92e4b0a06d58052ee8

    My response to this article is not favorable.  They seem to want to lump all truck drivers together as if they are all just one bad apple.  This is profiling.  It is the same as if we said that because a few men killed someone, that all men will be murderers.  If a few women cheat on their husbands, then all women will cheat.  If a few truckers hit and kills someone, then all truckers will hit and kill someone.

    The trucking industry is one of the most regulated industries in the U.S.   There are many problems with certain aspects of the industry that need to be addressed before anything more is done.  This is my list of things along with my reasoning as to why.

    1)  There really needs to be something done about giving a commercial license to someone with sleep apnea.  I mean, how safe is it really to have anyone driving who has not gotten enough rest?  Or someone who may doze off while traveling down the road?  This is not only a problem with the truck drivers, but with the general motoring public as well.  This is not even in question when you go to renew your regular license.  

    2)  Driving hours.  Although trucks are regulated to the number of hours they can run in a day and week, the general motoring public is not.  I know that those with paper logs can make their logs say what they need them to say but the ones who have the elogs can not cheat on theirs.  If you pass your hours driving or on duty, you are flagged and will be in trouble.  If a regular vehicle is past the same time limits set on truck drivers, then nothing happens because they are not regulated.  

         Eg- You leave for work at 5am.  It takes you about an hour and a half to get to work ( traffic and distance).  You work 9 hours.  Then you have another hour and a half drive back home.  So far this is a total of 12 hours on duty for that day.  If you need to run to the store, or pick up kids, or take your kids someplace, this will add on about another hour.  This has you at 13 hours on duty for the day.  You have only 1 hour left of your 14 hour rule for the day to finish up.  In that last hour, you will need to fix dinner, do dishes, any laundry that may need done, shower, get the kids bathed and ready for bed, make any phone calls, and get your self finished for the day.  14 hours may seem like a long time but in this respect, it is not that long.  Is it?

    3)  Training.  I fully believe that this is a major problem, not just with truck drivers, but with the general motoring public as well.  People should be trained on how to drive around the big rigs.  Too many times those who travel around the big trucks only want to get in front of the slow truck so that they are not stuck behind it.  Then they jump right in front of the truck and hits the breaks to slow back down a little.  Trucks can not stop on a dime and this takes away the short distance that was being placed between the truck and the vehicle it was following so that he would not hit them.  This is another thing that the driving industry has taken for granted and thrown to the wind.  Anyone who is going to be driving an 18 wheeler down the highways and throughout the country is going to need more than a months worth of training.  These trucking schools are not training these people thoroughly.  There have been so many cases of trucks being hit by a new truck driver because they can not back up properly in some of the small parking lots.  These people should be trained a lot longer than 30 days and then given their CDL and told that they can drive. Many times they will be trained in a state that is warm for most of the year and hardly ever sees snow.  But when they are turned loose to go across country, they hit snow, ice, mountains, and more.  They should have to be with a trainer for at least 6 months after getting hired in with a company. But company greed takes the forehand and just want to fill the truck so that they make more money.  It needs to be said that both the general motoring public and the truck driving industry could use some changes to help ensure the safety of each other.

    4)  Texting and other cell phone use.  I have witnessed, too many times to count, people in both the big trucks and in regular vehicles, going down the roads texting, checking Facebook, checking their email, talking, searching for Pokemon, and more.  This has got to stop on both fronts.  It takes your eyes off of the road ahead and you begin to veer into traffic lanes beside you, off the road, or into oncoming traffic.  I believe that this is the biggest threat to traffic safety to date.  Even though there are signs and advertisements all around that tell the dangers of this, people ignore all of this and keep on doing it.  This is a major problem that needs corrected.

    Many truckers have been out here for a long time.  They use care and caution when traveling throughout the lands.  These are the men and women who take their driving seriously.  Those who believe that all lives matter and do their best everyday to drive safely, watch out for those around them, follow the rules and regulations that pertain to them without complaint, and believe that the overall sanctity of life is one to be honored.  They have driven through just about everything from floods, storms, hurricanes, snow storms, ice, and more using caution to keep themselves and those around them safe.  When conditions get bad, they park until it is improved and they can once again get rolling safely.  If all truckers were like this and trained better, there would be less accidents on their part.  If more of the motoring public was educated on driving around big trucks, then many of these types of accidents would be avoided.  

    We can not leave this all up to the government to fix.  Nor can we leave it all up to the police officers to do something about.  This is something that, we as citizens, need to do something about.  It is our job to provide the proper training to all of the drivers out there.  It is our job to stop and say, "Hey, I have this sleep apnea and I really should be cautious out there.  Maybe I should try something other than driving".  It is also up to each and every one of us to put the cell phones away and wait until we are home to answer that text, make that call, read those emails, check our Facebook, and help to keep ourselves and others around us safe.  None of this is worth your life or the life of another.  Let us all take a stand to be safety conscious on the roadways as well as at work.  

     Lets save a life today starting with our own.


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    4 days ago
    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    An easy, delicious, and complete meal for dinner time after a long day of working.
    Cuisine: American
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    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    A great southern meal that will make your mouth water while waiting and make you feel satisfied when you are finished.  Southern Slow Steaks are deliciously tender, low in fat, calories & carbohydrates and easy to make in a slow cooker!
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Slingers-girl added new article
    Over-dimensional or heavy haul trucking is no small feat. It requires careful planning and execution in order to be successful and avoid accidents or injuries.
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    5 days ago
    Slingers-girl added new article
    This is a listing of the chain laws for each state and some road specific chain laws also. It is about that time of the year when all of that white stuff (SNOW) will begin to fall and force the chain laws in many places.
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    6 days ago
    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    This is a curry dish that benefits from a nice, long simmer anyway, so why not let that happen while I'm off doing other things? That's what I call smart cooking.
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    Dessert or snacks in the slow cooker have never been easier or more delicious.
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    "This creamy pasta dish is an easy slow cooker fix-and-forget.
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    Need a quick fix and no fuss meal in a pinch?  3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Lasagna is about as easy as it gets and it’s a meal the whole family will love.  It’s really as simple as knowing your favorite pasta sauce and dinner will be done with very little effort.
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Slingers-girl added new recipe
    Lots of tender chicken and meaty mushrooms in a delicious creamy homemade gravy/sauce!  To top it all off let’s keep it easy with a can of biscuits!
    Cuisine: unknown
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    Over-dimensional or heavy haul trucking is no small feat. It requires careful planning and execution in order to be successful and avoid accidents or injuries.
    4 days ago · From Slingers-girl
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    An easy, delicious, and complete meal for dinner time after a long day of working.
    Cuisine: American
    4 days ago · From Slingers-girl
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