The DOT physicals are special physical/medical exams required by the Department of Transportation.
03.20.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
FMCSA is granting an additional 90-day temporary waiver from the ELD rule for “agriculture-related transportation.”
03.18.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
...the electronic logging device mandate will be enforced beginning April 1, 2018, when the period of “soft enforcement” ends, ...
03.18.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
Hours of service regulations originated in the 1930's and today are at the center of the debate around electronic logging devices.
03.18.2018 · From Slingers-Girl
Few carriers may be up to speed on a different but contiguous and potentially very helpful rule.
01.27.2018 · From Slingers-Girl